‘Here on Out’ _Album   

Recorded 1989_Writhe Recording_Wellington, NZ / Released 2012_NZ Music Month


Mike Alexander – Sunday News

Twenty five years after they disbanded, Wellington three-piece Skank Attack release their “debut” album – and it doesn’t sound a day out of date. The best moments of the politically referenced, post-punk band – Down Around Our Ears, Decline and the title track, pulse and throb with moody menace, while Phil Simpson stalks the narrative lines with controlled, tuneful intensity’.


James Belfield - Sunday Star Times

‘…insistent, layered melodies and cerebral lyrics provide the perfect anti-dote to the current crop of biodegradable pop’

4 /5 stars

‘This music — originally produced by Nick Roughan who has done the mixing on these recently rediscovered masters — is all forward energy, booming basslines, desperate vocals and widescreen melodies, propelled by terrific guitar work’.

To read the full review of Skank Attack’s Here On Out album click here

‘The songs are powerful, driven. The drums are upbeat, the guitar blows past like wind through a wind tunnel. The bass player actually knows how to play bass. There is a certain confidence in the music ….. At times it feels almost as though you’re listening to a 1980s incarnation of Tool’

To read the full review of Skank Attack’s Here On Out album click here

‘Passing through Wellington in early 1986, I caught Skank Attack at the Clyde Quay Tavern on the lip of Wellington Harbour. They were playing a propulsive, and at times, expansive, modern guitar-based dance music with a chill Northern English breeze passing through it. Music for the mind and body. Like their support act, a young Number Nine, they seemed out of step with the times, as timeless music often does when it emerges’.

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‘Skank Attack’_Self titled EP   

Recorded and originally released 1987_Frontier studios_Wellington, NZ  / Re-released April 20th, 2013_Record Store Day



Original  NZ Herald Review_1987



Original  Rip It Up Review_1987

The second release mentioned above is ‘When The Wind Blows’ _ A compilation of Wellington bands released by Skank Attack around the same time as the EP, on their ephemeral ‘Skank Records’ label.












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