‘Skank Attack’ _ Self titled EP 

A limited edition of 100 copies were re-released on Record Store Day 2013

Format_Original 1987 mint condition 12 inch vinyl only

Available from good record stores (distribution by Border)

Also available to order from




‘Here on Out’ the album  

Released on 27.04.12.


Listen to all the album tracks at the Skank Attack Bandcamp page

To read reviews of the album click here

Buy the album on CD at record stores – see list of outlets below

Buy the album as digital download from Amplifier and itunes.

Or buy it directly from the band at the Skank Attack Bandcamp page

 To hear Kirsten Johnstone’s recent interview with Skank Attack on the Radio New Zealand Music 101 show click here


Where can I buy the CD?

Auckland - Real Groovy, Conch, Rhythm CDs, Marbecks, JB Hi-Fi

Wellington - Slowboat, RPM, Rough Peel, JB Hi-Fi

Christchurch - Penny Lane, Marbecks

Dunedin - Marbecks

Hamilton - JB Hi Fi

Tauranga - Tracs

New Plymouth - Vinyl Countdown

Palmerston North - JB Hi Fi

‘Here on Out’ the single      

Released on 1.04.12.

Listen to it here

Buy it here!


‘Down Around Our Ears’ the single  

Released on 1.2.12.

Listen to it here

Buy it here!


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