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We love these guys. Back in the day they would always play our demos when we arrived in town and thanks to their fantastic support our shows in Auckland were always upbeat and successful affairs.

So it was a really nice continuation of that legacy when Silke Hartung invited former Skank guitarist/vocalist Phil Simpson to join her on the respected ‘Freak the sheep’ NZ music show prior to the release of ‘Here on out’. Silke was the first DJ to spin the single ‘Down Around Our Ears’.

The single also made the ‘Hit picks list’ on Wellington’s Radio Active. Thanks for your support! is an archive of classic New Zealand band poster designs from the past and is the brainchild of Simon Coffey. Simon was a BFM DJ in the late 1980′s operating under the moniker ‘DJ Sicoff’. He ran a small independent label called Onslaught Records and managed The Warners and Bygone Era who played alongside Skank Attack at several Auckland gigs back in the day. We like the way this site reminds us of the strong DIY ethos behind so much of the great New Zealand music and poster art from this era.

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