Skank Attack release archival material in 2012


‘Down Around Our Ears’ , the first single from the new album Here On Out was released on 1.2.12.

It was featured on it’s release date on Silke Hartung’s respected ‘Freak the sheep’ NZ music show on Auckland’s BFM. Silke interviewed former Skank guitarist/vocalist Phil Simpson about the bands plans to release further material later this year. The single also made Wellington’s Radio Active ‘hit pick’ list.




What’s the song about?

‘Down Around Our Ears was written and recorded in Wellington, New Zealand in the late 1980′s but never released until now. At the time we were horrified by the wholesale demolition of large numbers of beautiful Wellington landmark buildings and the psychological effect this had on residents of the city. It was often done under the guise of mitigating earthquake risk, but appeared to actually be more about profiting offshore investment companies. The irony is that gems like the low-rise Majestic theatre were bulldozed to make way for monstrosities like the Majestic Tower, which has now been identified as a high-rise earthquake risk after assessments made in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake.

Having visited Christchurch several times since the earthquakes the lyrics seem pertinent to the situation there and once again Wellington building owners are finding themselves under financial pressure to demolish buildings if they cannot afford to meet new earthquake codes. So the song still feels quite relevant to us and we expect it could resonate with people in both cities.


Why are Skank Attack releasing archival recordings now?

Having unearthed the master tapes from the album we recorded before we broke up in ‘88, we got excited about using digital outlets to get the music out into the world and claim our place in New Zealand music history. Coming across enthusiastic reviews from back in the day gave us confidence that people would be interested. Respected advocates for New Zealand music like Silke (BFM) have commented that the music sounds so fresh that it could have been recorded recently.