Skank Attack have unearthed original copies of their self titled vinyl EP from 1987.


Limited edition of 100 copies re-released on Record Store Day_20 April 2013














Format_Original mint condition 12 inch vinyl only

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Also available from good record stores (distribution by Border) including:

Real Groovy_Auckland
SouthBound Records_Auckland
Vinyl Countdown_New Plymouth
The Revolution – Wellington_Upper Hutt
Rough Peel Music_Wellington
Slow Boat Records_Wellington
Mint Music – Wellington_Lower Hutt
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Re release of the four song E.P follows the successful release of Skank Attack’s ‘Here On Out’ album in 2012.

When former Skank drummer Steve Cochrane set up his record and poster store ‘The Revolution’ he set about sorting through a mountain of rare posters and records he has collected from the 1980′s onwards. Buried amongst this treasure trove he was amazed to discover 100 mint copies of the Skank Attack EP. In celebration of their small part in independent New Zealand music history the band have decided to distribute these for Record Store Day 2013. Record store day is a celebration of the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the USA, and hundreds of similar stores internationally.

The EP was recorded at Wellington’s Frontier Studios by respected New Zealand music producer Nick Roughan. Roughan was a member of electronic pioneers The Skeptics and has produced recordings for dozens of NZ bands over the years, including Dimmer, The Adults and Die Die Die. He regularly accompanied the Skank crew on national tours in the late 1980’s.

The E.P was originally an independent release on the bands own Skank Records moniker and received enthusiastic reviews on it’s release in 1987.


















Original  NZ Herald Review_1987


















Original  Rip It Up Review_1987


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Skank Attack album Here On Out now available!

‘Here on Out’ the album  

Released on 27.04.12.


Listen to all the album tracks at the Skank Attack Bandcamp page

To read reviews of the album click here

Buy the album on CD at record stores from 27.04.12 – see list of outlets below

Buy the album as digital download from Amplifier and itunes.

Or buy it directly from the band at the Skank Attack Bandcamp page


Release is scheduled to coincide with New Zealand Music Month 2012

To hear Kirsten Johnstone’s recent interview with Skank Attack on the Radio New Zealand Music 101 show click here 


Where can I buy the CD?

Auckland - Real Groovy, Conch, Rhythm CDs, Marbecks, JB Hi-Fi

Wellington - Slowboat, RPM, Rough Peel, JB Hi-Fi

Christchurch - Penny Lane, Marbecks

Dunedin - Marbecks

Hamilton - JB Hi Fi

Tauranga - Tracs

New Plymouth - Vinyl Countdown

Palmerston North - JB Hi Fi

Upper Hutt - The Revolution - Skank drummer Steve Cochrane’s new record store!



‘Here on Out’ the single      

Released on 1.04.12.

Listen to it here

Buy it here!



‘Down Around Our Ears’ the single  

Released on 1.2.12.

Listen to it here

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Skank Attack release archival material in 2012


‘Down Around Our Ears’ , the first single from the new album Here On Out was released on 1.2.12.

It was featured on it’s release date on Silke Hartung’s respected ‘Freak the sheep’ NZ music show on Auckland’s BFM. Silke interviewed former Skank guitarist/vocalist Phil Simpson about the bands plans to release further material later this year. The single also made Wellington’s Radio Active ‘hit pick’ list.




What’s the song about?

‘Down Around Our Ears was written and recorded in Wellington, New Zealand in the late 1980′s but never released until now. At the time we were horrified by the wholesale demolition of large numbers of beautiful Wellington landmark buildings and the psychological effect this had on residents of the city. It was often done under the guise of mitigating earthquake risk, but appeared to actually be more about profiting offshore investment companies. The irony is that gems like the low-rise Majestic theatre were bulldozed to make way for monstrosities like the Majestic Tower, which has now been identified as a high-rise earthquake risk after assessments made in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake.

Having visited Christchurch several times since the earthquakes the lyrics seem pertinent to the situation there and once again Wellington building owners are finding themselves under financial pressure to demolish buildings if they cannot afford to meet new earthquake codes. So the song still feels quite relevant to us and we expect it could resonate with people in both cities.


Why are Skank Attack releasing archival recordings now?

Having unearthed the master tapes from the album we recorded before we broke up in ‘88, we got excited about using digital outlets to get the music out into the world and claim our place in New Zealand music history. Coming across enthusiastic reviews from back in the day gave us confidence that people would be interested. Respected advocates for New Zealand music like Silke (BFM) have commented that the music sounds so fresh that it could have been recorded recently.


Previously unreleased Skank Attack recordings

Skank Attack, the Wellington three piece notorious for their high energy sound and socially aware songs, recently unearthed the multitrack tapes from their last recording session and are currently working with respected New Zealand music producer Nick Roughan to mix the best songs for release in early 2012.

Roughan, whose long and impressive CV includes playing and producing with Skeptics, Dimmer and The Adults, recorded the original Skank Attack sessions (with engineering help from Brent McLachlan of Bailter Space) at Wellington’s now legendary Writhe Recording, waaay back in 1988.

Imagine a time before late night bars and cafes. A time of seemingly perpetual winter, when the Wellington music scene was heavily tribal and you had to make your own fun or die of boredom. The resulting angst lead to a surprisingly vibrant, if not somewhat dangerous music scene, of which Skank Attack are proud to have been a driving force.

Realizing the dark but melodic sound they created back then would appeal to both their former contemporaries and a new audience, former Skank Attack members Phil Simpson, Jeff Eden and Steve Cochrane have set about digitising the material so it can finally be unleashed.

Mixing of the songs is almost complete and a series of online single releases is planned, beginning on 1.2.12, followed by an eventual CD release.

It’s been a long time coming, but we feel confident the wait will be worth it. Expect driving, rythmic arrangements, cool graphics and lyrics that seem as relevant today as they did well, back in the day.




Prophetic words from the Skank archive
‘Skank Attack have great posters and a serious following. Excellent vocals, solid imaginative drumming and patches of excellent lead guitar combined in a varied set of songs that will one day make a great record’

New Zealand Herald gig review